Third Eye FX, has been one of the Middle East’s most potent studios in leading technology, and an active participant in the making of the 6 Oscars winning feature film The Hurt Locker.

Third Eye Fx which is located in Jeita overlooking Jounieh Bay, owns a 1300 sqm studio equipped with special gear such as the Milo Motion Control System, the Phantom Flex 4K, a Chroma Screen, 6k real time grading station as well as a full post-production facility.

In 2016, Third Eye FX joined with one of the world’s most technically advanced studios, owning today’s fastest camera Robots, the BOLT & the CYCLOPS, Stockholm’s Stiller Studios.

Third Eye FX and Stiller Studios joined forces, unleashing and upgrading creativity as we know it. With their merger of skills and professionalism, they are making it possible to operate on anatomy, fluidity, crowd replications, digital enhancement, floating actions, and much more.

The services provided are one of a kind, high-end production, including green screens and spacious studios, a small and efficient number of crew, all at great cost value. This alliance is offering as well the possibility of remote filming either in Stockholm or Beirut. Whether active in either country, the budgets are affordable and the prices competitive.

The times are a-changing and ever progressing, and so are we. Now take the step!