Third Eye FX is proud for having collaborated over the years in numerous Feature Films, from production servicing to shooting High Speed scenes.


We were proud to collaborate on and shoot with our own system all the High Speed scenes for the 6 Oscar Winner Hollywood movie "The Hurt Locker" directed by Kathryn Bigelow. The winner of Best Picture earned exceptional recognition for its cinematic portrayal of real war drama in Iraq.


A major part of the action scenes is taking place in Jordan where the production is entirely handled and facilitated by our team & producer Issam Husseini. The cast includes the Chinese Superstar Jay Chou ("The Green Hornet") and the movie is directed by the famous Dante Lam ("Sniper" "The Beast Stalker"...) The movies takes in multiple armors, weapons, lots of pyrotechnics, armored vehicles, special effects and exploding army vehicles propelled in mid-air where we included aerial shooting. One of the impressive challenges was landing in the middle of the city, a Black Hawk attack helicopter in one of the major scenes. We topped it all with Dory Aoun shooting with our new High Speed Camera system of over than 1 100 fps speed and a distinguished 2.5K resolution.


COVERT AFFAIRS - Season 3 / Ep 13

The famed Canadian series shot the chasing scenes from Episode 13 / Season 3 in Jordan. The Production Management was handled by our Producer Issam Husseini and Dory Aoun was the Jordan Unit Director Of Photography.